Senior Frontend Engineer

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GoodNotes was created from our founder's frustration of taking readable and reusable notes on his first iPad. We have since grown to millions of happy users and have been featured on Apple's marketing materials. Our engineering team members are all full stack, Pi-shaped, and most importantly product minded.

Our core values:

  • Users come first
  • Build better product, not just different
  • Do less but get more done
  • Always be learning

One of our short term goals is to make GoodNotes more accessible by enabling our experience on all modern browsers. You will be the lead on taking GoodNotes to the web. This is a new product line for us and you will be working closely with our product and growth team.


  • Excellent problem solving and story telling skills
  • A love of software craftsmanship
  • A strong desire of self improvement through side projects and sharing
  • Good taste as a maker
  • Built projects you are proud of
  • Strong sense on the best tools for any task
  • Led web product development from inception to million of users
  • Strong understandings of computer science fundamentals
  • Experience with modern JS libraries and tooling
  • Mastery of Javascript
  • Proficiency of WebAssembly
  • A keen eye for interaction design details


We offer competitive compensation and meaningful equity along with a chance to make significant contribution to a product people already love. We enjoy doing fun activities together as a team as well: weekly game night and annual off-site trip!

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